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Dealing with Water Damage? 3 Must-Take Steps

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the U.S., and the risk of flood damage is highest in coastal areas. According to the Information Insurance Institute, 4.2 million homes are at risk of storm surge flooding.

Heavy rainfall and storm surge caused by Hurricane Harvey have devastated homeowners in Houston, TX, Galveston, TX, Bellaire, TX and 50 other southeast Texas Counties. If you’ve been affected by a flood, you’ll need to hire a contractor that offers water damage restoration, but there are also steps you can take to get your home back into a safe and livable condition.

Continue reading to learn about what you can do if you’ve been impacted by water damage.

water damage

1. Take Pictures

Before removing any water damaged property, you’ll want to take pictures. Fully documenting the damage will help your insurance company get a thorough understanding of the damage you’ve experienced.

When taking pictures, focus on capturing damaged property, including flooring, bedding, and baseboards. Be sure to upload these pictures to your insurance company’s claim website. This way, they aren’t lost in the shuffle of things.

2. Evaluate Your Home

Once you get the okay to return to your home, you’ll face all sorts of damage. One of the first things you’ll want to do is to remove standing water. Using a sump pump is the most effective measure. Getting water out of the home makes water damage repair much easier.

You’ll also want to mitigate mold growth. Steps to take include:

• Opening doors and windows to increase air circulation
• Removing wet contents, especially carpet, bedding, and baseboards
• Cleaning with non-ammonia and using bleach to disinfect

When inside of your home, be sure to protect your health. Even if the water has subsided, there is always a risk of raw sewage and household chemical spills. For proper protection, wear rubber gloves, waders, and high boots.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

After getting a look at your home, you’ll then want to contact your insurance company. During large disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, expect your insurance agent to be extremely busy. If this is the case, you can contact company headquarters.

When contacting your insurer, let them know of any repairs you plan to make. Your company may advise you to wait for an insurance adjuster before making repairs.

4. Contact a Repair Contractor

Repairing and restoring your home after a flood is no easy feat. While there are certain things you can do on your own, you’ll want to work with a contractor that knows the ins and outs of restoration after water damage. This way, you can restore your home to one that is safe and healthy.

If your home has been impacted, and you’re in need of water damage repair, you’ll want to work with a trusted company like Kiwi Services. Our team at Kiwi Services can assist with water damage cleanup and can get you back into your home much quicker.

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