5 Reasons Why Steam Cleaning is Bad for Your Carpet

Did you know that not all carpet cleaning methods are created equal? Although many companies use a traditional steam cleaning method to clean carpets, this can actually be detrimental to your floors and even your health. Whether you’ve had a steam cleaning several times before in your home or you are considering your options between a steam carpet cleaning company and a dry carpet cleaning company, here are five reasons why steam cleaning is bad for your carpet.


1. It Leaves Your Carpets Sopping Wet

Steam cleaning uses a lot of water to clean your carpets and rugs. The idea is that the tool used to apply the water vapor into your carpets will dig down into the fibers of your floor and then break down the dirt and grime, leaving you with freshly cleaned carpet. The reality is that steam cleaning leaves your carpets sopping wet, which can damage your carpet over time. If not properly dried, sopping wet carpet fibers can ultimately lead to mold and mildew growth—something you don’t want affecting your indoor air quality.


2. Steam Cleaning Creates Wastewater

When you hire a steam carpet cleaner, it’s inevitable that at the end of the job they will have a bunch of wastewater that contains all of the dirt, grime, and bacteria that they’ve pulled up from your carpets. The company will inevitably have to dispose of the wastewater, which could end up in your storm drains or in a water source. This is not good practice for the environment—both for your drinking water and for the wildlife in your local streams, rivers and lakes.


3. Steam Cleaning Can Attract More Dust and Dirt

When you hire a steam carpet cleaning company or you rent a steam cleaner from the big box store, you can expect that the results will be a clean carpet. However, the truth is that steam cleaning method can attract more dust and dirt than before you cleaned it. This will inevitably lead to messier floors than before and a lot of follow-up cleanings to fix the damage.


4. It Takes Hours to Dry

Using a steam cleaning method that involves a lot of water will most usually mean a lot of dry time. When you are waiting on a steam cleaned carpet to dry, you are not allowed to walk on it for several hours, which can prove to be difficult when you have small children or pets in the household. Having to be out of your home all day can also be a huge inconvenience.


5. Steam Cleaning Uses Harsh Chemicals

Finally, using a steam carpet cleaning method means that harsh chemicals will typically be employed. Harsh chemicals can decrease your indoor air quality and can be particularly harmful to those who suffer from allergies or for small children or pets—essentially any vulnerable population within the home.

Kiwi Services offers dry carpet cleaning services, which leaves behind bright, fresh carpets using an all-natural cleaning solution that’s safe for everyone in the home. The dry carpet cleaning method dries in about 15 minutes, which means that you and your family can return to normal life as soon as possible.

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