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Tile and Grout Cleaning by Kiwi in Dallas, Phoenix, Austin, Atlanta and Houston

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Cleaning ceramic tile can be a back-breaking do-it-yourself project, even for the most limber of us. The grout between tiles, particularly in high traffic areas like kitchens, entry ways and bathrooms, can become dark, discolored, and layered with tough-to-clean particles including grease, oils and other substances.

If you’re not thrilled with the idea of getting on your hands and knees to scrub and treat your ceramic tile and grout, Kiwi provides this service.

At Kiwi, we use our specially formulated cleaners and floor machines with brushes and bonnets, made just for ceramic tile cleaning. We apply steady abrasion methods to penetrate the dirt and soil from ceramic tile surfaces and areas of grout and effectively loosen particles and lift them from floors leaving pores and crevices brighter, and more like their original state.

In large areas, ceramic tile and grout cleaning has the ability to literally transform a room – making your home not just brighter, but in some cases, making homes look newer!

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Dallas, TX: 972-354-0300
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Phoenix, AZ: 602-419-3598
Atlanta, GA: 470-375-9719
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Fort Worth, TX: 817-585-5976
Denver, CO: 720-943-2906