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Carpet Repair Wylie, TX

Got holes or unsightly bulges in your carpet? Call us at Wylie Carpet Repair. Our team of special Wylie carpet repair technicians can help you get rid of unsightly bulges, tears, and holes, and even repair your carpets that have suffered from flood damage.

Top Quality Carpet Repair Services in Wylie

At KIWI carpet repair services of Wylie, Texas, we offer free estimates on carpet repair as well as a guarantee for our carpet repair work. The Wylie Carpet Repair Team offers a full range of carpet repair services from carpet stretching and patching to Wylie Berber carpet repair and flood repair work.

Wylie’s carpet repairs, stretching and cleaning company

Our company services include repairing holes and tears in your carpet from pet and cigarette burns; removal of permanent stains and rust; smoothening and tightening of carpet that is loose or wavy; matching carpets; replacement of carpet that has melted; repair of carpet damaged by floods; replacement of tack strips that are worn out and old; and other carpet repair issues.

Got a question? Call us at KIWI Wylie and we will be glad to answer your questions and come to your home to give you a free carpet repair estimate. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Carpet Repair

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