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Rug Repair Willow Park, TX

Willow Park Rug Repair – No matter how careful we are with our fine things, it seems, eventually they get worn out or damaged. That’s true of fine automobiles. And it’s true of fine rugs too.

Willow Park’s Best Performing Rug Repair Team

Fortunately, the craftsman at Willow Park Rug Repair are expert at fixing just about any kind of rug damage. Whether its tears or loose weave in the middle of the intricate design, fraying or stains on the fringe, our oriental weavers and rug repair specialists can fix it. Each rug team has a rug expert, a master weaver and a fringe surging and binding specialist. Together, they address all aspects of a repair project.

Our team will review your rug to determine its place of origin, the materials used in the dye, whether it has a pile weave or not, and more. Then they’ll design a repair regimen that will bring your rug back to life while keeping it safe from further damage.

So whether your rug is from India or Pakistan, China or Japan, Egypt or the USA, call Willow Park Rug Repair today for an appointment.

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