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Rug Cleaning Willow Park, TX

Willow Park Rug Cleaning – You chose your Oriental rug because it was beautiful, and also functional. Then you put it in the front room so you and your visitors could admire it.

But now, it just sits there on the floor like an ordinary carpet under your feet. It’s lost its rich colors; its intricate design has dimmed.

The culprits? Simple, ordinary dirt and dust.

High Quality Rug Cleaning Team in Willow Park

Fortunately, the answer to how you’ll get your fine rug back to being the centerpiece of your room is simple too. Call Willow Park Rug Cleaning Service. It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3.

At Willow Park, we use a three-step process to gently clean your fine rug.

  1. Pre-Wash Inspection
    We check your rug for areas that might need special care such as bleed-over, worn areas, tears, etc.
  2. Dust Removal
    We sweep and vacuum your rug top-to-bottom to loosen and lift any dirt that’s trapped deep down.
  1. Wash & Treat
    We gently hand-wash your rug with our oriental rug cleaner to get your rug deep-down clean while keeping its fibers, dyes and construction safe from damage.
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