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Wood Floor Cleaning Webster, TX

Wood floors are looking great these days thanks to KIWI’s Webster Wood Floor Cleaner services and some satisfied Webster customers. Webster homeowners are discovering the world-class service and affordable prices of KIWI’s Webster wood floor cleaning and wood floor waxing services.
To keep your floors looking their best, consider a few more tips from KIWI’s Wood Floor Cleaner service to observe between waxings.

Webster Top Quality Wood Floor Cleaning Services

  • Never let water stand on wood. Clean up spills immediately.
  • Cover high traffic areas with rugs and mats. Sand, dirt and other abrasive particles act like sandpaper on your floors when they are ground in with daily foot traffic.
  • Place a swatch of fabric under furniture legs to prevent scratching.
  • Use a vacuum with a brush attachment only – no beater bars.
  • Use a dust mop with a large cotton head.

With these tips and routine wood floor maintenance from KIWI’s Webster Floor Cleaner professionals, your floors will continue to shine for generations to come. Call KIWI’s Wood Floor Cleaner Service of Webster, TX. today.

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