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Rug Cleaning Wallis, TX

The Wallis rug cleaning team is standing by to clean your rugs by hand like no other company. When our Wallis Rug Cleaner technicians clean your rugs by hand me begin by inspecting the rug on both sides in order to ensure that our rug cleaning process will not damage the rug or cause the colors to bleed. After all, every rug is different and some rugs are woven differently or colored differently.

Professional Cleaner have been Cleaning Rugs since 1987 in Wallis

After our Wallis Rug Cleaner professionals have inspected your rug, we will use a powerful vacuum to help to remove the dust and dirt from deep within the fibers of your rug. Our Wallis Rug Cleaner technicians have the best possible commercial vacuums so that we can remove more dust than your consumer vacuum. Our Wallis rug cleaning technicians are also able to use the gentlest chemicals possible that will dissolve dirt and stains from your rugs.

Terrific Rug Cleaning Results in Wallis

When dirt and stains are dissolved we will dry your rug flat so that the dyes do not bleed during the drying process. Drying your rug flat will also help to ensure that it will not form waves or ruffles.

Call KIWI’s Rug Cleaner Services of Wallis, TX today to schedule an appointment for your rug cleaning. You rug will look like brand new after it is from cleaned by our professional technicians that have been cleaning rugs since 1987.

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