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Rug Repair Waller, TX

Our Waller rug repair clients come to us time and time again to repair all of their family rugs. Many of our clients collect rugs or have family heirlooms that they would like to see preserved and taken care of. However, if you use the rug on a regular basis, it can be difficult to take care of the rug. After all, especially if you have pets our children, the rug can get stained, tattered,

Best Performing Rug Repair Service in Waller

That’s why our Waller Rug Repair team is available to help you clean your rugs no matter what has happened to them over the years. When our Waller Rug Repair teams repair your rugs we use a weaving expert that is aware that there are over 64,000 variations of rug weaves available.

Our weaving expert at KIWI pays careful attention to detail in order to ensure that no matter what rug weave variation you have we can match a perfectly. We also use a fringe specialist and a surging specialist, both of whom can help to ensure that the binding and the boundary of your rug are well maintained. Our senior rug expert will guide you in the rug repair process if you have any special needs, or if you have any questions. KIWI’s Rug Repairing technicians are second to none.

Call KIWI’s Rug Repair Division of Waller, TX. today to schedule an appointment to have your rug taken care of by one of our rug repair teams in Waller. We’re standing by to help you in the process of restoring and repairing any rugs you have.

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