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Carpet Repair Tomball, TX

Tomball Carpet Repair Team to the Rescue

If your carpet has seen one too many oil stains, or one too many clumsy parties, or too much traffic in general – it may be time for the Tomball carpet repair experts to step in and fix a few things.

Tomball 100% Carpet Repair Satisfaction Guarantee!

KIWI’s Tomball Carpet Repair offer teams who can come into your home and take the tattered and worn pieces of the carpet away. Our experts are highly trained to fix any type of carpet damage and leave your home looking its best. No more fraying, no more ugly stains that won’t come out and no more burn holes, rips, or tears. Your carpets are left seamlessly repaired, which brightens your whole room.

Carpet repairs in Tomball

So, if you have been using creative placement of plants to hide the unsightly spots in your carpet, stop it! You know that plant doesn’t look right in the middle of the room! However, you also know that KIWI can fix the damage. And in Tomball Berber carpet repair is no problem either. Simple or hard – we do it all.

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KIWI’s Tomball Carpet Repair Reviews

5 star rating

“KIWI did a wonderful job on my carpets!”

Carpet Repair

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