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Rug Cleaning Thompsons, TX

Rug Cleaning Thompsons Team of Experts

At the KIWI’s Thompsons Rug Cleaning and Thompsons oriental rug cleaning Studio, we have a set of established ground rules for how every rug must be cleaned.

Thompsons Seven-Step Rug Cleaning Process

Our Rug Cleaning Thompsons team treats every rug like it’s a valuable work of art. We first take the rug to our Senior Rug Expert and have him inspect and document the rug’s condition. Then he grooms it on both sides and sends it to the cleaner. The rug-cleaning expert carefully pre-treats any stains, and then cleans the rug by hand.

The Rug Cleaning Thompsons Team Protects Your Investment

Rug Cleaning in Thompsons with Superior Results

This is done to protect the rug’s dyes and fibers. The cleaner then sees that it is laid flat to dry to avoid changing the rug’s shape. After it is dry, your rug is sent back to the grooming room to be inspected and vacuumed one last time. Finally, your rug is gently packaged for return to back to you.

It’s Rug Cleaning Thompsons Style

This process may seem involved, but we do it for each and every rug that is brought to us for cleaning. We are deliberate and meticulous so we can take pride in a rug cleaning job well done. Call today for rug cleaning services in Thompsons, Texas.

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