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Wood Floor Cleaning Texas City , TX

Restore value and luster to your floors with an Texas City Wood Floor Cleaning by KIWI Services!

With 30 years of experience, our Texas City hardwood floor cleaning team knows all the benefits of hardwood floors. Wood floors, unlike carpet, do not collect dust or allergens, which keep your home cleaner and healthier.

Wood Floor Cleaning in Texas City

Although they are generally low maintenance, hardwood floors require special care in order to maintain their value and beauty. Individuals can mop and sweep, but sometimes professional wood floor cleaning services are required to keep the beauty and shine. This is especially important in areas of high traffic, such as kitchens, halls, and entryways.

The EPA recommends professional hardwood floor cleanings about every one to six years. Texas City technicians can beautify your floors with a professional hardwood floor cleaning, buffing, and waxing to keep your floors beautiful.

KIWI recommends a few simple steps to minimize damage to hardwood floors between cleanings.

  • Use a soft cotton mop head on all brooms used to sweep wood floors.
  • Immediately clean any spills or liquids before they stain or soak into the floors.
  • Never use a beater bar on vacuums. Use suction only in order to create softer vacuuming and to protect the floor.
  • Attach furniture pads to all sofas, chairs and tables to prevent against scratches.
  • Place rugs and runners in areas of high traffic.

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