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Upholstery Cleaning in Texas City

Texas City Upholstery Cleaning Team Can Help Clean Your Upholstery and Restore its Beauty

Upholstery cleaning Texas City with KIWI has been providing services for 30 years.

Dirt, dust and particles can dull the fibers in your furniture and damage its integrity. Conventional cleaning products can stain and harm the fibers even further, especially on finer fabrics. The professionals with Texas City upholstery cleaning at KIWI can help restore its beauty.

Texas City’s most recommended upholstery cleaning Company

Our gentle citrus cleaners are pH balanced to preserve the fibers on all of your upholstery. KIWI provides the best upholstery cleaning services in Texas City, Texas and most of the time can clean your furniture in your own home!

Our professionals know fabrics. We have experience cleaning cottons, leathers, cotton blends, velour, velvet, synthetic fibers and finer fabrics.

Call KIWI to schedule the best upholstery cleaning Texas City now!


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