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Rug Cleaning Texas City , TX

Texas City Rug Cleaning Team Can Handle All Your Rug Cleaning Needs

Texas City rug cleaning services have been hand-cleaning rugs for 30 years, preserving the vitality of these artworks. Our experts never submerge any rug in liquid and clean all rugs by hand.

Texas City rug cleaning includes:

1. Senior tug experts and specialists

2. Master Weaver performing full restorations

3. Fringe and Binding specialists

KIWI rug cleaning services in Texas City , Texas can handle all you rug cleaning services!

KIWI can handle all kinds of rug repairs and cleaning. Click here to read more about rug repairs.

Best rug cleaning service in Texas City

We know our fine rugs!

Every rug is different. KIWI appreciates the individual beauty of each piece. Each one is hand woven to create a beautiful heirloom piece created from generations of cultural heritage. These rugs are made from organic dyes that are unique to each culture and region. We take great pride in preserving the unique beauty and integrity of the dyes and woven patterns and never submerge any rug in a vat of liquid.

Fine oriental rugs originate from unique cultures. Each one has a unique cultural and religious heritage. These rugs are categorized as: Persian, Antolian rugs, Central Asian, Caucasian, Kurdish, East Turkestan, Chinese, and Tibetan rugs. The rug cleaning Texas City technicians and specialists will assist you with any kind of rug. KIWI treats your rug with the respect it deserves. We clean both sides by hand and inspect if for any necessary repairs.

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