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Upholstery Cleaning Taylor, TX

Professional upholstery cleaning is a great way to make sure your upholstery stays looking like new longer. Upholstery and furniture are consistently used parts of our home, so they can sometimes suffer from spots and stains. KIWI in Taylor has spent 30 years working hard to get and keep Taylor’s upholstery clean and we are the smartest choice for your next upholstery cleaning.

#1 Upholstery Cleaning in Taylor

KIWI wants to provide our customers with the best upholstery cleaning in the area, which is why we send out highly skilled and trained technicians. Our upholstery cleaning technicians are equipped with state of the art upholstery cleaning instruments that are guaranteed to get your upholstery and furniture clean. KIWI is an eco-friendly company meaning our cleaning method is both environmentally and family friendly. KIWI also offers an UltraSeal protectant to ensure that your upholstery cleaning lasts longer.

Trusted Upholstery Cleaning Company in Taylor

KIWI always puts our customers and their needs first, and because of this dedication to you and your upholstery cleaning needs, KIWI provides a 30-day clean guarantee on all of our upholstery cleaning services. Do not hesitate to call KIWI if you have any problems with your cleaning. We will be back out right away to offer a complimentary re-cleaning.

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