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Water Damage Restoration Sunnyvale, TX

Remember reading about historical flooding in the United States, perhaps water and/or weather related damage in Texas – well, these problems still exist and when they do, it’s a job for KIWI’s Sunnyvale water damage repair.

Expert Water Damage Repair Service in Sunnyvale

Too bad KIWI didn’t exist to help some of those water damage victims. But we have been involved in the business of helping folks with their water and weather-related water damage to their homes since way back in 1987. And our customers give us great referrals.

That’s because Sunnyvale water damage repair experts live up to our word. We say we’re available around the clock. We mean exactly that. You can call us at three o’clock in the morning and we’ll send our emergency Sunnyvale water extraction crews to help you with your water damage right then and there. No waiting until business hours, whatever that is. Ever try to get a repair in the middle of the night? Almost impossible. With KIWI’s water damage repair in Sunnyvale, Texas, the impossible is our daily routine.

24/7 flood damage Emergency Services

And being available is only part of the solution. We bring everything we need to tackle your worst water damage. Our Sunnyvale water extraction teams come to your home with heavy duty equipment (which includes special water extractors, blowers with heavy-duty capacity, humidifiers or dehumidifiers), deodorizing and disinfecting agents that are commercial-grade (yet safe and effective), and men and equipment to do the job.

We can provide your furnishings with temporary storage (and content pickup and content delivery). We can do all kinds of laminate, tile, wood floor cleaning, removal, repairs. KIWI’s staff carries the certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, so you know we’re up to speed. Give us a call so we can assess and get to work on your Sunnyvale water damage immediately.

Call the pros at KIWI’s Sunnyvale water damage repair now!

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KIWI Water Damage Restoration
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