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Rug Repair Sunnyvale, TX

Rug repair is a serious business that deserves serious attention – the kind you always are guaranteed with KIWI’s Sunnyvale rug repair company (now available to Sunnyvale residents).

Outstanding Rug Repair Crew in Sunnyvale

As we all know, rugs cost a lot of money. That’s money that you don’t want to see go down the drain by hiring the wrong company to repair problems that have cropped up with your rugs. You could literally see thousands of dollars in irreplaceable rugs go out the window. That will never happen with rug repairs from the trained and certified repair experts at KIWI’s Sunnyvale rug weaving.

There is no rug repair job that our KIWI techs consider too large or too small for residential homes. It’s no matter if your rug is a small entryway rug or runner, a full area rug, hand-woven Oriental, Berber, or a rug from any country in the world. That’s why we have Sunnyvale Oriental rug weavers on staff. With more than 64,000 different variations of rugs, that’s a lot of rugs to be knowledgeable about. But that’s just what we are at KIWI’s Sunnyvale rug weaving.

Your rug receives intensive attention by a group of three KIWI professionals. Our senior rug expert, our master weaver and our fringe specialist who handles surging and binding issues. Three total professionals, all attached to your rug repair assignment with KIWI.

Don’t let time pass by and your rugs are unattended. Call KIWI for rug weaving and repairing services in Sunnyvale, Texas now!

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