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Rug Repair Stafford, TX

Stafford Rug Weaving Delivers Exceptional Quality!

Our Stafford rug weaving and Stafford rug repair experts know how to turn your Stafford rug around. Stafford rug weaving. Everyone loves a good story. KIWI Services company finds the story in each oriental rug. Our Stafford Oriental rug weavers truly care about deliver service with an impact.

Stafford’s Top Quality Rug Repair Treatment

There really is a story in each oriental rug. After all, there are over 64,000 different types of weaves of rug. Each rug was made by oriental rug weavers from various eastern countries – Persian, Indian, Pakistani, Egyptian and others. The placement of the colors has meaning. The patterns have meaning. That’s why our Stafford rug weaving team takes care to be meticulous all along the process.

When our Stafford rug repair teams do rug restoration, we help bring out the story in your rug. So if you have holes or tears in your rug, or if the fringe is damaged or torn, or if the binding is unraveled, our rug repair team of experts repairs your rug properly.

So if your rug is heading for an unhappy ending, call KIWI Services professional rug weaving and rug repair service team. For reweaving and rebinding and oriental rug restoration, we’re the ones to call. You’ll get the best rug weaving and repairing services in Stafford, Texas!

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KIWI Rug Repair
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