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Air Duct Cleaning Stafford, TX

KIWI Services offers air duct cleaning in Stafford that will improve your indoor air quality and make your home a healthier, safer place. Our air duct cleaning technicians are expertly trained and ready to answer all of your questions. Our air duct cleaning staff works hard to get your home back to fresh.

expert Stafford Air Duct Cleaning

Older air duct systems can often contain a lot of debris and dust build-up, which can be potentially hazardous to your health, especially to those who suffer with allergies or asthma. Our technicians follow a thorough, six-step process, which includes:

1. A cleaning of the unit, squirrel cage, fan, and all the accessible air handling components in the furnace.

2. A removal and hand washing of vent covers.

3. A vacuuming of individual ducts to remove dust, ash and other debris.

4. An application of the antimicrobial treatment throughout the system to disinfect.

5. A cleaning of the surrounding vent areas.

6. A cleaning and replacing of your filter or installation of your electrostatic filter.

professional KIWI air duct cleaning

Freshen up your home with a professional KIWI air duct cleaning. KIWI has 30 years of air duct cleaning experience and is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Call KIWI Services today to schedule an air duct cleaning in Stafford with one of our friendly home care representatives!

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