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Upholstery Cleaning Spring, TX

Offer the Highest Quality Upholstery, Leather, and Furniture Cleaning

Spring upholstery cleaning is KIWI’s furniture cleaning at its best. Whether you need your drapes cleaned or any type of upholstered furniture cleaned, KIWI is here for you.

Spring’s Knowledgeable Upholstery Cleaning Technicians

We use only the gentlest upholstery cleaners. We even dry clean your fine fabrics. We’ll clean your drapes right on the rod! (No more dust explosions!) No matter if your furniture has natural or synthetic fibers – KIWI’s upholstery cleaning Spring team will make it last longer. Dirt particles in the fabric will cut into the fibers creating weak spots and shortening the life of your furniture.

We even offer leather upholstery cleaning – essential to protecting your fine leather furniture investment. Our upholstery cleaning Spring team will offer you professional furniture cleaning of all your furniture on site in most cases. Occasionally a piece must be removed for proper care and cleaning.

Spring’s upholstery cleaning Finest Company

Either way you’ll love the results when you see your furniture looking like new again. Deeper, richer colors. Stain-free and looking great! Call KIWI Services Company at 713-595-0427 for upholstery cleaning services in Spring, Texas.

KIWI’s Spring Upholstery Cleaning Reviews

5 star rating

“So happy with KIWI!”

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