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Tile and Grout Cleaning Spring, TX

KIWI Tile and Grout Cleaning Servivces Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Floors

Spring tile and grout cleaning team at KIWI Services can take care of this job for you. And most people don’t want to clean tile and grout often enough.

Often cleaning tile and grout can be difficult – hard to reach or just plain hard to clean. And many manufacturers suggest weekly or even daily cleaning!

The Finest Tile and Grout Cleaning Crew in Spring

Most homeowners will wet-mop, but don’t really get in there and clean. Over time, grout (the material between the tiles) attracts lint and other particles that get deep-set and become increasingly difficult to remove.

KIWI Services has the proper floor cleaning machine and bonnet, plus the right brushes and tile and grout cleaner to get all your tiles cleaned, all over your house. Enjoy gleaming tiles through KIWI’s tile and grout cleaning services of Spring, Texas.

You’ll be amazed at the results! Professional tile and grout cleaning could make your whole house new! Let us show you the results we can get for you. Call KIWI Services today at 713-595-0429 for your ceramic tile floors and for all of your tile and grout cleaning services in Spring, Texas.


KIWI’s Spring Tile and Grout Cleaning Reviews

5 star rating

“Wonderful experience”

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