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Rug Repair Spring, TX

Spring rug weaving and repairing by KIWI Services. Oriental rug cleaning and rug repair complete services.

If your rugs have holes or tears, damage to fringe or need rebinding, we can help. And we know how to care for all sorts of rugs.

Oriental rugs are rugs from all over the world. Most are made in Persia, India, and Pakistan, some in Egypt and China. Frequently the Spring rug weaving issues we face are based upon Oriental rug weaver methods have been handed down through generations of artisans who guard their techniques closely.

Spring’s Most Effective Rug Repair Technicians

There are over 64,000 varieties of weaves and knots created by these Spring Oriental rug weavers, we can handle them all. Our Senior Rug Expert identifies the types of fibers and weave of your rug. The Master Weaver works on full restorations. And the Fringe Surging and Binding Specialist can replace or repair torn or damaged fringe, or rebind the edges of your rug if needed. KIWI has been proudly serving Houston, TX with our professional rug cleaning and repair services for over 30 years. Our years of experience make us able to offer rug repair and restoration to area rugs, persian rugs, antique rugs, and with our attention to detail, we can restore your rugs from years of wear and tear. Rug being repaired

KIWI Services offers professional rug weaving and repairing services in Spring, Texas. For 30 years, we continue to be the company to call for these and many more professional home care services.

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KIWI’s Spring Rug Repair Reviews

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