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Rug Cleaning Spring, TX

Get The Rug Cleaning Services with Best Rug Cleaning Professionals

Spring rug cleaning and rug repair – two great KIWI services that go hand in hand. When you call KIWI at 713-595-0424 for area rug cleaning or for Spring Oriental rug cleaning – you get the best.

Spring Rug Cleaning Process

Our rug cleaning Spring technicians start with a pre-cleaning inspection, searching for conditions that are cause for concern. This might be evidence of colors bleeding or signs of damage to the fibers of your rug. Our rug cleaning Spring technicians use gentle rug cleaners – no harsh chemicals on your fine heirloom rug or oriental rug!

We follow a six-step cleaning process includes odor neutralizing and deep cleaning. After all, a medium-sized area rug could hold up to 9 or 10 pounds of dirt before it ever looks dirty! You want that gunk out of there – and we do a complete job of it! Now, if during this cleaning process we discover that there are problems for our rug repair specialists, we can handle this for you too.

Rug Cleaning in Spring With Outstanding Reviews

Let us know if you’d like us to fully restore your fine rugs of all kinds. KIWI Services is your professional, full-service home care company offering you professional rug cleaning services in Spring, Texas. For 30 years.

KIWI’s Spring Rug Cleaning Reviews

5 star rating

“Love KIWI! They keep me coming back.”

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