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Upholstery Cleaning Spicewood, TX

The first and biggest thing most people notice when they enter a room is its furnishings. Is it warm and inviting or dusty and faded? Does it communicate decorum? Coziness? Or neglect?

# 1 Upholstery Cleaning service Spicewood, TX

KIWI’s Spicewood upholstery cleaning services can help you get the right answers to those questions. KIWI’s professional Spicewood upholstery cleaner techs can restore your pride in your leather furniture, upholstered furniture or draperies. Furniture and drapery cleaning adds color, vibrancy and warmth to your home, but it can also add life to your belongings and savings to your wallet.

Excellent Upholstery Cleaning service

KIWI’s Spicewood Upholstery Cleaner Divisions specialized methods, including heat transfer, remove stains while protecting fabrics. They also remove sand, dirt and other harsh particles than can damage fibers over time. KIWI’s Spicewood Upholstery Cleaner professionals gentle but effective cleaning techniques will bring out the original beauty of your furnishings while adding years to their life and dollars to their value.

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