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Rug Repair Spicewood, TX

Spicewood rug repair shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. Only KIWI offers the most highly-trained team of specialists in the industry for rug repair and rug weaving. Spicewood Rug Repair Services offer specialized service for:

Exceptional Rug Repair Company in Spicewood

  • Indian rug repair
  • Egyptian rug repair
  • Pakistani rug repair
  • Chinese rug repair

And the secret to our success is in our people. In Spicewood, rug repairs are performed by a trained, experienced team comprising a senior rug expert, a master weaver for full restorations, and a fringe surging and binding specialist. These Spicewood Rug Repairing professionals can address every rug’s need – from rebinding to reweaving, frayed edges to burn holes.

Your rugs are woven works of art. When they suffer damage or just get worn from age, they deserve a fresh start from KIWI’s specialized team. So whether your rugs are torn and discolored or just dirty and worn, call KIWI’s Rug Repair Division of Spicewood, TX. today and have them looking good as new right away.

All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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