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Rug Repair Southlake, TX

Southlake Rug Weaving at its Finest!

The Southlake rug weaving by KIWI Services Company. For 30 years we’ve been doing rug repair on your fine oriental rugs. Our Southlake rug repair team can manage any rug weaving or repair need that you have. Oriental rug is a general category covering many different types of rugs that are usually from Persian oriental rug weavers, Egyptian rug weavers, and other rug weaving traditions. Plus, our Southlake Oriental rug weavers are amongst the best in the industry.

Oriental Rug Repairing With Professional Rug Repair in Southlake

Our Southlake rug weaving team knows that there are now over 64,000 different types of oriental rug weaves, methods of knotting, and coloring processes. So how in the world do you repair a damaged oriental rug?

KIWI Services has offered oriental rug weaving and rug repair service since 1987. If your oriental rug has holes or tears, if the rug’s fringe is discolored or worn – we’re your rug repair solution. And your rug doesn’t have to be an oriental rug. KIWI offers rug repair for all of you area rugs of all types! Rug being repaired

Call our Southlake rug repair team for any of your rug needs. Call KIWI today. We’ll pick up your oriental rug, clean it and repair it and have it back to you looking good as new. We offer the best rug weaving and repairing services in Southlake, Texas!

KIWI’s Southlake Rug Repair Reviews

5 star rating

“Thank you so much KIWI! My rugs look fantastic!”

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