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Rug Repair Simonton, TX

Simonton Rug Weaving and Simonton Rug Repair

If you need rug repairs, re-dyeing, re-weaving, re-fringing or something more extensive, then the KIWI Simonton Rug Cleaning Service from KIWI is the service you need.

Simonton Most Established Rug Repair Company

No two rugs are exactly alike, whether it is area rugs, oriental rugs, throw rugs, or others. Often, they are handcrafted, hand-woven, and hand-dyed. In parts of the world, hand dyeing is a family tradition passed down through the ages. The dyes are often organic, with vivid colors that only living things can produce. It is important that the service you use be able to identify and properly care for the specific type of rug they are working with. That’s why we provide expert Simonton rug weaving service.
Our Simonton rug repair experts do not employ vats of harsh solvents. Our company only uses the traditional hand-cleaning method. Our Professional Rug Cleaning Team includes a Master Weaver, for full restorations, a Senior Rug Expert, and a Fringe Serging and Binding Specialist. Whether you have loose weaves, bad stains, major repairs, or any other services, our teams are available.

Call us today for a free Rug Cleaning Estimate for the best rug weaving and repairing services in Simonton, Texas.

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