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Rug Cleaning Simonton, TX

Rug Cleaning Simonton Experts are Standing By!

When your Oriental rugs start to look like they belong in a museum, KIWI’s Simonton Rug Cleaning Team from KIWI is the company you want, to restore them to their original beauty. Our Simonton rug cleaning experts don’t submerge your rugs in vats of harsh chemicals. We hand wash your rugs according to traditional methods. In addition, we dry them FLAT, so they don’t stretch or experience color bleeding.

High Quality Rug Cleaning Service in Simonton

Our rug cleaning Simonton teams know that the art of rug weaving is ancient, passed down from generation to generation. Each ethnic group has its own particular weave pattern, and there are individual variations within each group. There are Turkish rugs, Indian rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rugs, Chinese rugs and more. No two are exactly alike. Each is a unique creation. That’s why our Teams include a Master Weaver, a Fringe, Serging and Binding Specialist, and a Senior Rug Expert. We even have a Simonton Oriental rug cleaning expert.

We clean your rugs, repair and do detailing work on it if needed, major repairs, and deodorize with a mild citrus agent.

We have been working since 1987 and have a reputation for great service and customer satisfaction.

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