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Wood Floor Cleaning Sachse, TX

Sachse Wood Floor Cleaning – Has the shine on your hard wood floor dulled over the years? Do scratches from chair legs and children toys mar the once-glistening surface?

Sachse Top Quality Wood Floor Cleaning Company

If so, your floors are not alone. Most hardwood floors begin to dull and show scratches after a few years. But if they are left too long without a professional cleaning, refinishing, wax and buff, the wood itself could become exposed to dirt, grime, water and contaminates. Then your problem may be much worse than just a little less shine on your floor. The wood can warp and even begin to rot. In those cases, replacing the wood is your only option.

Our Sachse Wood Floor Cleaning team will inspect your floor, and then customize an overall cleaning and refinishing process that will bring back the shine. And it will seal off the wood from damage-causing contaminates.

So call today for a full-service hardwood floor cleaning and waxing. We will get your floors back to their shiny best, and extend the life of them, as well.

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Susan W. (Sachse, TX, 75048)
5 star rating
“I was very satisfied!!”

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