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Carpet Cleaning Sachse, TX

Sachse Carpet Cleaning – Do you want to get those carpets cleaned, but you’re afraid you’ll get a case of soggy sock syndrome? That’s what happens when you walk around on damp carpets for a couple of days after you get a professional carpet cleaning.

Sachse Skilled Carpet Cleaning Technicians

Well, at Sachse Carpet Cleaning Service, there are no more soggy socks. That’s because we use the KIWI carpet cleaning process. We mist your carpets with our pH balanced cleaning solution to break up dirt and stains. Then we use a moisture absorbent cleaning bonnet to lift out all of the dirt, stains, and solution to leave your carpet fluffy fresh and completely dry in 15 minutes!

That’s right, 15 minutes and your carpet is completely dry and smelling spring time fresh.

Sachse Carpet Cleaning Company with the most fantastic results

And if you’re not 100% happy with our work, we’ll come back within 30 days of cleaning your carpet and clean them again at no charge.

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