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Rug Repair Rowlett, TX

Rowlett rug repair teams are standing by to help restore your tired and worn rugs our professionals are well aware that many rugs are actually heirlooms and our treasured assets to any family. That’s why we work by hand and studying the art and craft of rug repair in order to ensure that our rug repair services meet the highest quality standards possible.

Rowlett’s Expert Rug Repair & Weaver

Our Rowlett rug repair professionals care deeply about matching and our rug weaving to the original rug weaving of your rug before it became damaged. We know that there are over 64,000 variations of rug weaves available. Our senior rug expert and master weaver study your rug to ensure that the job that we do in the repair process matches your original rug weave as closely as possible. Our surge and fringe master repairman will inspect all repairs to ensure that your rug is bound properly and will withstand foot traffic for many years to come.

Call your Rowlett rug repair team today to learn more about our oriental rug weaving, a berber rug repair, and the rug repairs we can do for any rug in your home, no matter how bad the damage seems.

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