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Rug Repair Romayor, TX

Romayor Rug Weaving & Repairing Services

Our Romayer, Texas, rug repair technicians are now waiting to help turn your lifeless and worn rug into the beautiful rug it once was! At KIWI Services, we will be able to repair your carpet no matter what its condition may be. We offer professional Romayor Oriental rug weavers, who will be able to provide additional services such as Persian and Oriental carpet weaving, rug stretching and much more. At KIWI Services, our rug repair experts in Romayor use various professionals who are experts at rug repair. We are familiar with many different types of rug weaves. There are over 64,000 known types of rug weaves today.

Rug Repairing in Romayor Since 1987

Our company has been in the business of repairing rugs since 1987 which makes our company one of the best around!

Our rug repair team is made up of four kinds of team players – a senior rug expert, a master weaver, a fringe surging specialist and a binding specialist.

The KIWI Romayor rug weaving team of professionals will ensure that the job entrusted to them will match the quality and style of your old rug. Romayor rug weaving experts are ready to tell you how our company will restore you torn and gently-used rug into the thing of beauty it once was!

Call KIWI for rug weaving and repairing services in Carrolton, Texas.

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