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Wood Floor Cleaning Richmond, TX

Richmond Hardwood Floor Cleaning Richmond wood floor cleaning – another KIWI Services professional home care service. Most hardwood floor cleaning doesn’t need to be a major routine maintenance item. Hardwood floors are best cleaned lightly and more frequently, by sweeping daily and vacuuming.

The occasional damp mop helps too. But over time, the shine comes off the finish of the floor. That’s where KIWI wood floor cleaning services in Richmond, Texas comes in. Richmond hardwood floor cleaning buffs and professionally cleans your hardwood floors. If it’s appropriate for your floor’s finish, Richmond wood floor cleaning will also do wood floor waxing.

First Class Wood Floor Cleaning Technician Team in Richmond

To help you with regular care and cleaning wood floors in your home, Richmond wood floor cleaning suggests:

  • Sweep up food spills and dirt each day. If these are ground into your hardwood floor, the floor can become permanently damaged.
  • Damp mop up dust and pet hair (especially if someone in your family has allergies).
  • Always clean up wet spills immediately. Water can warp your wood floor.
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