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Upholstery Cleaning Richmond, TX

Richmond Upholstery & Leather Cleaning Services

Richmond upholstery cleaning by Kiwi Services. We’ve been cleaning upholstery and drapes for 30 years. In order for your furniture to last, regular upholstery cleaning is essential. Dirt particles get into the fabric of your furniture and can damage it. We can even remove stains. Most furniture cleaning can be done right in your home or office, but some tough upholstery cleaning

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Upholstery cleaning Richmond cleaning agents are gentle and just right for your furniture, and we can dry clean your finer fabrics. Let us pick up your furniture and return it to you looking like new. Ask about free pick up and delivery! Kiwi Services upholstery cleaning Richmond even offers leather upholstery cleaning.

Professional Upholstery Cleaners, Richmond

Leather must be cleaned properly to protect it and make it last. Using the wrong upholstery cleaners could destroy your furniture. We protect your leather furniture investment. Kiwi upholstery cleaning services of Richmond, Texas, also offers drapery cleaning.

We can vacuum and clean your drapes right where they hang. Try Kiwi Services. We’re your professional total home care company.

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