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Rug Repair Richmond, TX

Richmond Rug Weaving & Repairing Services Richmond rug weaving by KIWI Services. If you can’t travel to get your oriental rug repaired, we’re the next best

Rug weaving is a tradition that has been passed down through generations of family members. Each of the over 64,000 different types of Oriental rug weaves and designs is special to a particular family or group of rug weavers. The secret of a particular knot or dyeing process was carefully guarded by each group of oriental weavers.

Richmond High Quality of Rug Weaving & Repair

KIWI rug weaving and repairing services in Richmond, Texas, has studied rug repair and Oriental rug weaving so Richmond Oriental rug weavers can offer you the best rug repair possible. Rug being repaired

From repairing torn fringe, to reweaving tears, holes or other types of damaged areas, we’re the call to make to bring your oriental rug’s beauty back.

Call KIWI Services for Richmond rug weaving (and for the entire surrounding area). If you can’t take your rug to the other side of the world, let us come and get it!

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