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Rug Cleaning Richmond, TX

Rug Cleaning of Richmond

Richmond rug cleaning by KIWI Services. Area rug cleaning experts! Your area rug or Oriental rug could be holding about 10 pounds of dirt right now – yuck!

That’s how much dirt a medium sized area rug can hold before it looks dirty. And those dirt particles are abrasive! They cut right into the fibers of the rug. That’s not good if the rug is a family heirloom.


Richmond’s 6-Step Rug Cleaning Process

Don’t call just any rug cleaners; try KIWI Services rug cleaning Richmond. Whether your rug is an expensive oriental rug or an inexpensive area rug, KIWI rug cleaning services of Richmond, Texas, treats your rug with care. Richmond Area rug cleaned by KIWI proOriental rug cleaning involves hand washing both sides of the rug (Oriental rug cleaning should never involve dipping a rug in vats of chemicals or liquid!) Following our 6-step cleaning process, your rug will be thoroughly cleaned and repaired.¬†KIWI Services rug cleaners are professional and specifically trained in fiber identification. Each technician knows the weave of your rug and how to care for it. KIWI rug cleaning Richmond is the company to call.

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