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Carpet Repair Richmond, TX

Carpet Repair in Richmond

Richmond carpet repair by KIWI Services. We’ve been repairing difficult carpets for 30 years – we can help!

Whether your carpet has bulges, tears, pulls or unraveled seams, we can restore or repair it. We’re a total carpet restoration company. And when carpet cleaning isn’t enough, our carpet repair staff can do the job.

Richmond’s Unsurpassed Carpet Repair Quality

Burned or melted carpet is no problem. Our staff of trained professional experts knows carpet fibers and repair methods; with Richmond Berber carpet repair your Berber carpet can even be repaired.

We also do carpet stretching, which is very important for extending the life of your carpets. Loose and wavy carpets don’t last as long as properly installed carpets. The fibers become damaged. Worse, loose carpet is a tripping hazard and can cause serious accidents! Richmond carpet repair can help eliminate these problems.

KIWI can work on any carpet damage or damaged area of carpet by providing carpet patching, carpet stretching, and pet damage carpet repair services in Austin, TX.

Richmond’s carpet patching Service by kiwi

Our carpet repair services in Richmond, Texas, offers a 1-Year Carpet Repair Guarantee. Ask us about it when you call for your free estimate! Richmond carpet repair by KIWI Services.we’re your complete home care company.

Carpet Repair

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