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Carpet Cleaning Richmond, TX

Richmond Carpet Cleaning

Richmond carpet cleaning by KIWI Services means fresh and fluffy clean, with fast drying results! Another carpet cleaner will leave your carpets wet, soggy and sticky for a long, long time. And wet carpets mean mold and mildew. Yuck! But KIWI Services leaves your carpets fluffy clean with a light, citrus-fresh scent.

Richmond’s Expert Carpet Cleaning Service Technicians

And best of all, with a KIWI Richmond carpet cleaner, your carpets are dry in 15 minutes. With KIWI carpet cleaning of Richmond, Texas you will have no more wet socks and no more off-limits rooms!

Richmond carpet cleaning service that really works carpet cleaning by 2 KIWI techs

Your professional KIWI carpet cleaner of Richmond, Texas is trained in fiber care, soil analysis and fiber identification. You know we get the job done right. A KIWI Richmond carpet cleaner uses one of five methods for cleaning your carpets. These methods are recognized by the Carpet and Rug Institute and backed by our 100% Clean Guarantee. And you can get sealant application on your existing carpet, for protection and care for the life of your carpet.

Richmond carpet cleaning by KIWI Services – your total home care company.

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