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Upholstery Cleaning Red Oak, TX

Silks, chintzes, exotic fabrics, leather and more are all part of your Red Oak KIWI Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning team’s repertoire.

KIWI Cleaning Professionals

You see, your technicians at KIWI Services know that furniture comes in thousands of different styles and types of construction. Fabric choices are a matter of personal preference and include synthetics, Hawaiian prints, antique fabric and thousands more. Our Cleaning professionals possess a vast knowledge base when it comes to the particular cleaning needs of each and every fabric.

Specialized Dry Upholstery Cleaning for Red Oak Homeowners

Once our technician examines your furniture, they will determine the right cleaning agent and cleaning technique to use on your fine pieces. You can rest easy knowing that we only use the very safe, very gentle, but very effective cleaning solutions and techniques on your furniture.
If you have dry-cleaning of finer fabrics on some of your furniture pieces, our upholstery team can most likely dry-clean them right in your home.

Of course, we can also take your furniture to our facility to clean and we’ll return them when we’re finished.

For fresh and clean upholstery tomorrow, call your experts at KIWI today!

KIWI Upholstery Cleaning
Red Oak, TX