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Carpet Repair Prosper, TX

Constant activity on the floors in your home usually doesn’t do much to keep your carpets looking their best. Furthermore, accidents, raucous pets and/or rough and tumble kids can sometimes result in carpet accidents, stains or fraying that you can’t simply hide with a piece of furniture or a plant. That’s when you need to call KIWI Services.

Prosper Proven Carpet Repair Service

We do carpet repairs and carpet stretching for all kinds of carpets. From complex carpets, like berber carpets, to the more simple carpets, our experts are very experienced in mending what ails your carpet. We are well prepared to repair a multitude of carpet problems, so don’t be afraid to ask about yours. Our carpet repair experts are like magicians. They can make carpet seams invisible and quickly re-pad or professionally clean your carpets just to give you some examples. Our carpet repair services are second to none, so give KIWI a call today! Let us tell you how we can help.

KIWI’s prosper carpet repair reviews

Cathy J. (Prosper, TX, 75078)
5 star rating
“Very good service and professsional.”

Carpet Repair

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