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Carpet Cleaning Prosper, TX

Did you know that, after KIWI’s carpet cleaning crews are done cleaning, your carpets will smell fresh and look as beautiful as they did the day you had them installed. That may seem like a tall tale for this neck of the woods, but it’s true. Another fact that may surprise you is that KIWI Services offers a Clean Carpet Guarantee. It states: if you are not satisfied with your carpet cleaning, you can ring us within 30 days to have us come back and RE-clean you carpet for free. Still not impressed?

Prosper Special Carpet Cleaning Process

Well, perhaps you should call KIWI Services and learn about how great we are for yourself. You have nothing to lose and you’ll have a clean fresh scented carpet AND our guarantee!

KIWI’s prosper carpet cleaning reviews

Dwayne N. (Prosper, TX, 75078)
5 star rating
“I will NEVER use another company. 1) I used the warranty service to have KIWI come back out and had doubts as to how that was going to work. But, we had adopted a dog from the SPCA who still hasn’t figured out the whole housebreaking concept. We had numerous urine stains on our light beige carpet along with the lingering smell (DE-lightful). 2) Our technicians were thorough in examining every square inch on carpet with a flashlight (found stains I didn’t know about) and carefully explained to me the bacteria breeding in the pad (hence the smell). They quoted me a VERY fair price to treat the pad, since that requires injections and is extra. I in NO WAY felt I was being “upsold” and the warranty was a gimmick. The technicians were articulate and had a scientific explanation for why they were recommending what they were. They made NO pressure for me to add the service, however I saw the wisdom of it to keep the spread of the bacteria and to eliminate the scent that the dog looks for to repeat the “deed”. 3) The team worked hard and efficiently on making my home healthy and clean again. When my 6 year old daughter came home she said, “Wow, I didn’t know we were getting new carpet.” I can’t say anything to top that!!!”

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