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Rug Cleaning Princeton, TX

Princeton Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning Princeton, by KIWI Services is your rug cleaners to call for all area rugs and Oriental rugs. All area rugs can hold many pounds of dirt before they appear dirty. It’s important to get your area rugs and Oriental rugs on a regular cleaning schedule to keep that dirt out.

Oriental rug cleaning is an art, just as creating the rug is an art. Each Oriental rug is made of the particular fibers, dyes and in the particular weave of a very specific geographic region, ethnic group, family or rug weaving history. Princeton Oriental rug cleaning cares for your Oriental rugs keeping this rich history in mind.

# 1 rug cleaning Princeton service

Your rug will never be dipped in vats of chemicals or liquid. At KIWI rug cleaning Princeton, we hand wash your Oriental rug on both sides, removing those harsh particles of dirt that had been trapped, damaging the fibers.

Our 6-step area rug cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning process is gentle to your rug and we pay special attention to making sure the rich colors and fibers are properly cleaned.

Awesome Oriental Rug Cleaning in Princeton

We’re your professional rug weaving and repairing services in Princeton, Texas. KIWI Services rug cleaning Princeton is the company to call!

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Princeton, TX