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Carpet Repair Princeton, TX

Princeton Carpet Repair

Princeton carpet repair by KIWI Services – your total professional home care company. If your carpets have been damaged by pets, water damage or just a whole lot of living on them, KIWI can help. Holes, burn marks or melted areas, cat claw tears, unraveled seams – our carpet repair experts can identify the fibers of your carpet and restore the damaged areas to like new! We even do difficult Berber carpet repair; call Princeton Berber carpet repair and we can help! We also do carpet stretching.

Princeton’s finest carpet repair service

If your carpets are loose, bulging or wavy you are seriously shortening the life of your carpet. The fibers become damaged and cannot withstand even daily wear and tear. Worse, a loose carpet is a tripping hazard and can cause someone in your family to fall. Proper carpet stretching can fix this problem.

Call for a free estimate for carpet repair services in Princeton – and you’ll love our 1-Year Carpet Guarantee! Princeton carpet repair by KIWI Services. We’ve been restoring carpets for 30 years. Call today.

Carpet Repair

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