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Rug Repair Prairie View, TX

Does your favorite rug need some minor mending? Does it need vast repairs? KIWI Services rug repair and rug re-weaving services will surprise Prairie View customers with their depth of knowledge about rugs from anywhere in the world.

Experienced Rug Repair technicians in Prairie View

Whether you bought your rug in Asia or from a little corner shop in town, KIWI can repair any type of damage on any kind of rug. KIWI’s Master Weavers can repair holes, rips or even fringe. Their senior Rug Experts can chat with you about what you would like to see from your repaired rug.

Do you just want repairs or would you like to have it cleaned as well? There are many ways KIWI Services can make you happy with their services; it’s just up to you to decide.

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KIWI Rug Repair
Prairie View, TX