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Rug Cleaning Prairie View , TX

Prairie View Rug Cleaning Services
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2) 35 years of rug cleaning and repairs experience

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4) Green rug cleaning Solution

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Your Prairie View Rug Cleaning professionals at KIWI Services knows how to make your rugs last. Our “old fashioned” approach to our rug cleaning is what keeps our customers coming back to us for various services. Your rug does not have to be greatly expensive to get our utmost in care. It just has to need cleaning and sweeping by the experts to get it back to looking like you just bought it. We say our approach to rug cleaning is old fashioned, because we do everything by hand.

Prairie View’s Top Quality Rug Cleaning Services

The rug is swept by hand, the stains are treated by hand and it is laid flat to dry. That’s pretty old fashioned, but it makes the rug last longer.So if you have a rug that means a lot to you, then it will mean a lot to us too. Call us for a rug cleaning estimate today.

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KIWI Rug Cleaning
Prairie View, TX