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Rug Repair Pinehurst, TX

KIWI Services’ Master Rug Repair team offers the best Pinehurst rug repair. We are extremely proficient in rug repairs, rug re-weaving and re-fringing. We can handle repair for all kinds of rugs, ranging from the finest to the simple, inexpensive sort. Our team of expert rug repairers handles both kinds to guarantee the best repair job will appreciate.

Pinehurst’s Best Rug Repair

KIWI Services is familiar with 64,000 kinds of rug weaves and thus, we can work with any and all rugs, irrespective of whether the rug requires complex weaving. We repair tears, holes, and worn areas of rugs and do all rebinding and weaving needed. We will repair the worn, dirty, ripped areas of your old rug and restore it to its original condition when you had first bought it.

We offer Oriental rugrepair for rugs from all over the world including Chinese rug repair, Egyptian rug repair, Pakistani rug repair, Persian rug repair, etc. KIWI Services also offers repair and reweaving for all types of rugs including dhurries, area rug repair, Berber rug repair, and olefin rug repair.

If you need any kind of rug repair, call Pinehurst KIWI Services. Our team of rug repair professionals will give you perfect satisfaction by restoring your old rug to its new and pristine condition.

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KIWI Rug Repair
Pinehurst, TX