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Rug Cleaning Pinehurst, TX

Pinehurst rug cleaning through KIWI Services assures a safe, effective cleaning. We have years of experience at rug cleaning, since we’ve been engaged in this field since 1987. So, without being apprehensive, you can trust your valuable rugs to us and expect us to clean them without causing any harm. Whether you require cleaning for severe or light staining, we can competently deal with your rug cleaning needs.

Rug Cleaning in Pinehurst since 1987

Each and every rug we are entrusted with is cleaned by hand, as we do not submerge rugs in vats of dye to prevent damaging rugs through over bleeding of dyes. You can rest assures that we will take good care of your heirloom rug as we have experience in Oriental rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, Olefin rug cleaning, Chinese rug cleaning, Berber rug cleaning, Indian rug cleaning, dhurry rug cleaning and rug repair. KIWI Services’ rug cleaning professionals can remove the toughest of odors, whether it is pet urine or tobacco smoke, as we offer ozone treatment, where rugs are confined in an odor-neutralizing chamber for some time.

Dirt is a coarse substance that can cut and break down rug fibers over time. Thus, it is important that fine rugs are cleaned regularly, to prevent dirt particles from spoiling the tight weaving. So don’t wait till your rug looks filthy, call KIWI Services now! Allow us to work for you and get your old and dirty rug to brighten up your room.

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Pinehurst, TX