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Carpet Repair Pinehurst, TX

Pinehurst carpet repair by the KIWI Services carpet repair professionals promises an extremely efficient repairing job. Irrespective of the kind of carpet repair you desire, our crew is competent to deal with it, be it a complicated Berber carpet repair or simple carpet stitching and patching. In case of damage done to your carpet due to a flood, we can repair it adequately, without your guests being any wiser.

Pinehurst Carpet Repair with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

KIWI Services will be able to remove all unseemly bulges, tears and holes. You will no longer need to place furniture strategically over worn areas of your carpet, as KIWI Services carpet repair crew will restore your old and worn carpet to an almost-new condition. We can handle all carpet-related problems, and work with carpet stretching, patching, and padding.

Carpet repairs and cleaning services in Pinehurst

Call KIWI today to have a Pinehurst carpet repair team repair your carpet so skillfully that your friends and family will wonder where you got the beautiful new carpet. We assure 100% satisfaction and also give you a 1-year Carpet Repair Guarantee. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Carpet Repair

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