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Upholstery Cleaning Pearland, TX

We all love our old, cozy, comfortable easy chairs, and that ancient couch with the big fluffy cushions. Our furniture is so much a part of ourselves that it’s hard to have to replace it. However, the years are not always kind to fine fabrics and wonderful patterns. Dust and dirt can work their way into the fibers and make them look dull and worn out. Pearland’s Upholstery Cleaning Team from KIWI has the equipment and experience to resurrect your furniture’s appearance. A good cleaning can erase decades of dust and make your look its best once again.

KIWI’s cleaning process and cleaning solution can clean all types of upholstery and provide a deep cleaning to any fabric type. We can also remove the dirt and grime out of your pieces of furniture no matter how heavily soiled. Our upholstery cleaners provide more than just upholstery cleaning services, we also provide area rug cleaning, carpet cleaning and restoration, and we can clean your air ducts to perfection.

Pearland’s Highly Skilled Upholstery Cleaning Technicians

We clean cotton, cotton-blends, synthetics, leather, vinyl, and can even clean your drapes. We can dry-clean finer fabrics. We can pick up your furniture, clean it and deliver it back to you, or do most cleaning right in your home.

Pearland best Upholstery Cleaning Company

In addition, to protect your furniture from future problems, we can treat it Ultra Seal Sealant. Ultra protects against stains and spills by keeping them from being absorbed into the fabric. Most stains and liquids will wipe right up.

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