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Rug Cleaning Pearland , TX

For your entire rug cleaning needs, Pearland’s professional Rug Cleaning Team from KIWI is on the job. With 30 years of experience, and an unmatched record for quality service and customer satisfaction, KIWI is your Complete Home Service Company.

Pearland Best Performing Rug Cleaning Service

There are several thousand different types of weaves used in the manufacture of rugs. They come from many exotic places where Hand Weaving is a tradition dating back thousands of years, with their secrets passed down from generation-to-generation. In addition, within each ethnic variety, there are numerous individual variations. No two rugs are exactly alike. There are hand braided rugs, hand tufted rugs, hand-hooked rugs, hand-knotted rugs, and at the lower end of the scale, machine–made rugs. They can be Chinese, Pakistani, Turkistan, Indian, Afghan, Persian, Kazakh, Caucasian or any 1 of the hundreds of variations of Oriental rugs. The processes of dyeing in many parts of the world are considered clan, craft and workshop secrets, and jealously guarded with strict penalties for those who disclose them

Superb Rug Cleaning Pearland Service

The best way to tell if you have a hand-made rug or a machine-rug is to look at the fringe. Machine-made rugs are woven on a loom, and the fringe is simply sewn on at the back. On hand-made rugs, the fringe is actually a part of the rugs weave, with no extra stitching at the back. This is one of many things the people you trust with your valuable rugs need to be knowledgeable about. That’s why all of our rug cleaning and repair teams include a Senior Rug Expert, A Master Weaver and a Fringe, Serging and Binding Expert, to identify your carpets special needs.

Other advantages we offer are:

  • We hand wash your rugs the traditional way. We will never submerge them in vats of harsh chemicals, or use potentially damaging agitators.
  • We dry them flat, to protect against color bleeding and migration.
  • We perform any repairs and detailing required as part of our service.

We have been providing excellent service and customer satisfaction since 1987. We are a company you can trust. Call us today for a free rug-cleaning estimate.

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